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How To Get Big Lips With Out Tratment

if you are looking to the best way to How To Get Big Lips With Out Treatment so please read this helpful post and get results instead

How To Get Big Lips

Exfoliate \ Brush

how to get big lips fast

Brush your lips yes its wonderful technique you can use on your lip I will tell you what is the benefit if you can use this trick on your lip let me show you

because flaky lips reflect less light, a dry pucker could be making your lips look smaller. To get rid of flakes, brush them lightly with a toothbrush. This also boosts circulation, giving you a rosy tint sans makeup.

If you want to get professional with your exfoliating game, get yourself a sugar lip scrub that really smooths.

If you want to boost your lip, circulations and to great makeup on your face. you can try if you want to get a professional look. you can use sugar lip scrub that really smoothes your lip

Always remember before applying makeup official scrub can be used on your lip as well as the rest of the skin on the face this is very important. You always remember great job cleansing pores and acceleration dry because you're dead skin from the surface spend a few minutes massaging this into your lips to remove flying kiss cancel that will keep your lips from looking full and healthy

Overdraw your lips line

how to get plump lips naturally and fast

 Before Kylie Jenner and other actresses fashion models surgery enhance her leaves she used to use this trick to make them bigger you can try to your lip, the Trace slightly outside your natural lip line using a lips liner feel your lips in with the matching lipstick or just use the liner for your whole point

Double up on nude lips color

how to get bigger lips fast at home

Apply one shade all over your mouth, and the lighter color (or even a white lip crayon) in the middle of your lips. If you have a full top lip but a smaller bottom lip (or vise versa), only apply the lighter shade to the opposite lip. It will even your lips out, and make them both look fuller.

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Lips Exercise

Now wonderful trick and keep you can always use without any hesitation and any kind of problem if your hand not good to maker lip-liner use rightly for you doing makeup you can use this tip its called lipstick exercise.

This is a beautiful trick you can use within your home or office job outdoor indoor whatever you here you can use it you can do that with an easy and faster way to get a big lip naturally

No, I teach you for a simple exercise you can use to get a thick lip naturally with using let's exercise let's start

Try whistling

How I can do whistling?

It's very simple

 Whistling engages your lip muscles, thereby increasing the volume with repeated "reps." How much bigger you can make your lips by whistling is pretty debatable, but it also can't hurt as an easy, free, and natural remedy for fuller lips. It can't hurt!

Try doing whistling scales, going up and down and up and down repeatedly. Continue repeating until you can feel the muscles getting engaged. You should feel some soreness and tension when you're working them.

Pucker up

 you can easily do this exercise because you do not do anything it's absolutely trying kissing on the lips clamping solution fixer-upper lips using all your energy as if kissing. Keep your lips post for 10 220 2nd and do 10th repair try to repeat this three times each day better yet find somebody to practice with you and I hope you can find it out

Alternate smiles and Frowns

Just try connecting smile and the phone's towards your lips massage around and exercise them press well lips together and try smiling repeated and constantly

Some people worry about wrinkles and smile lines.
to avoid wrinkles on your lips corner with fingers to keep vehicles from formatting hole disposition for 10 to 20 seconds and do 10 repeated 3 times a day

Do basic lip calisthenics

Enjoy your lips workout here are a few more lips exercise you can try to boost up the volume of your lips and get big lips with using exercise

Hold together both your lips and move it from left to right it and right to left again and again move them from right to left repeat this exercise for five times to boost the volume of your lips

Hold your lips together and round it in clockwise motion do this three times now change the direction of rotating perform a rotation in anticlockwise

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Natural treatment

Lots of people ask me how I can make my lips bigger without makeup

No hair lots of question ask me this type of Houston, not today I will teach you how to solve them all of this question and queries

Now I will tell you two methods one is user-product I will recommend you and second is let's exercise now I will tissue the third method which is called natural treatment yes it's a natural treatment you can use natural herbal products or and get thick lips with using natural treatment

Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint oil is one of the most popular essential oil we use it from many remedies include hattricks best look eyebrows tricks and also skin beauty tips

Cocoa butter

You can also use cocoa butter which is great for moisture and the scent is Divine.

You can use for this remedy I need one tablespoon of raw cocoa butter.

Put it inside a small mixing bowl and melt if necessary.

Add 1 teaspoon of olive or almond oil and few drops of cinnamon essential oil.

Pour into a small container

When your recipes are done you can use on your lips twice a day before you sleep you can try why your lip and when you wake up you can cry on your lips to time you must apply in your lip


Some Call this remedy the bomb plumper it's contains a lot of ingredients that can really help your irritate your skin and lip

Again you take a small bowl and mix 1/3 teaspoon of Cayenne powder, ⅓ teaspoons of ginger powder, ⅓ teaspoon of cinnamon powder, 1 drop of peppermint essential oil, and 1 teaspoon of olive oil

Gentle massage the solution on your lips for 20 to 40 seconds then leave it to stay for three to five minutes web of and you will see your huge difference


Cinnamon is 9 to be a natural irritating but it's also great for smoothie skin problems and lip problem

Max some cinnamon and olive oil
apply on your lips and leave it to stay for a few minutes massage gently with your fingertip
Rice and enjoy your Softy fuller and tender lip


sugar is one of the best acceleration agents when you're expecting your skin for lip UN has blood flow the same trick can be used from getting floor lip

Next sugar and coconut oil to extracted your lip

you will increase blood flow which will leave your lips without a touch of volume but also some noise color sounds good enough for you


Honey is one of the best things you can use for hydrating your lips and hydrating is a key to making them looking fuller and bigger

Dab some honey enjoy lips on a daily basis to make them look naturally fuller


we apply ice to sports where there's swimming to reduce the swimming when you feel pain eyes is great for reducing the pain some logic work with this problem

Making your lips look bigger

Ice can permanently compress your blood vessel to make them look red and plump

All you have to do is massage in an ice cube on your lips for 2-3 minutes the result will be instant.

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